Success Story

“Keep up the good work, Mr. Broome!”


Mr. Bobby Broome was admitted to Calhoun Convalescent Center after a recent hospitalization for cardiac arrest, sepsis with encephalopathy, and septic shock.  Mr. Bobby had a feeding tube placed due to failure to thrive.

When Mr. Broome was admitted to Calhoun, he was unable to follow simple commands nor communicate his needs. He was physically unable to perform activities of daily living nor walk.  After working very hard with physical, occupational, and speech therapies, Mr. Bobby was able to regain his strength, coordination, and balance which led to him being able to perform transfers, and ambulation without an assistive device.  He also was able to safely swallow food and was able to have the feeding tube removed.

We are so thankful for his continued progress and enjoy seeing him thrive daily.  He has been such a blessing to have at the facility and he continues to make friends while he attends multiple activities throughout the day.