Success Story

Mr. Alonzo Byers has been a long-term resident of Calhoun Convalescent Center after a hospitalized for acute COPD, respiratory failure, and cerebrovascular disease. This left Mr. Byers debilitated and unable to fully care for himself. He also was not able to eat anything and had a PEG placement to avoid weight loss.

After many visits to the hospital and being trialed with different food textures, our speech therapist talked to Mr. Byers and initiated a swallow study.  He successfully passed his swallow study and began working with speech therapy to progress with a pureed diet.  He had no signs and symptoms of aspiration and consumes 100% of his meals and request snacks throughout the day.

According to staff, Mr. Alonzo has verbally expressed how happy he is with being able to enjoy eating meals daily and socializing with other residents during lunch times and activities!